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DG Max Wax | The Original Disc Golf Grip Wax

Windsurfer Mini | Winter Blend

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Introducing, the Windsurfer Mini, Winter Blend! Get the same great feel as The Original Formula but in cooler temperatures.

DG Max Wax | The Original Disc Golf Grip Wax, is a specially formulated grip wax used to apply to your hands for superior grip, control, and distance when you throw.

Coined the Wind Surfer Mini:

    • It's a Tournament Legal Grip Enhancer that's EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE
    • It's a Tournament Legal Mini Marker with a true beveled edge shape
    • It's got a refreshing "WINTER-DELIC" scent made from a blend of essential oils that help you stay focused during your round
    • Its a 100% All Natural product. Made with Beeswax and other Natural Ingredients.

This is it... The Winter Formula... I hope you all love it as much as we do.

*Winter Blend has a lower melting point than the original, do not leave in a car on a hot sunny day.

Customer Reviews

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This is my favorite blend! Not only works in the cold, but seems to really excel when my hands are wet!
10/10 would recommend!

Expected the original blend would have more of an impact on my grip ... WRONG!

Bought it partly because my hands get very dry in the cold weather, but mostly to buy something extra (shipping is high relative to the cost of these mini discs, and didn't just to pay it for an original blend mini disc).

Turns out this is far more useful, compared to the original blend. Didn't realize how slippery my grip was, even with the temperature down into the low to mid 40's. This heavily enhances my grip.

But like the original blend mini disc, it really needs to be kept in a cloth bag, the paper one comes apart so easily. Have been keeping my DG Max Wax discs in small microfiber sacks, that I purchased to store photography equipment.


It's great! Love having grip on the winter!


Great product