What are the benefits of using DG Max Wax?

People love DG Max Wax because it gives them a better grip. I’d estimate it at 10x or more grip than you get from something like a standard dry bag or rosin bag.

Yes… more grip can translate into more distance (as proven by Paul McBeth in his recent video), but that’s just the beginning.

DG Max Wax gives you excellent grip, but more importantly, a highly consistent grip regardless of disc type, plastic, or weather conditions.

It effectively removes a variable from your golf game by allowing you to count on a consistent grip like you’ve never been able to before. This results in extremely high consistency in your throws, and at the end of the day, that means lower scores.

Why leave grip to chance? Get some DG max wax!

I promise… as soon as it’s in your hand, you’ll understand.


Is DG Max Wax Tournament Legal?

Yes! As Both a Grip Enhancer and as a Mini Marker.

Per PDGA 813.02 Item C:

“Devices that reduce or control abrasion to the skin (such as gloves, tape, bandages, or gauze), items applied to the skin to improve grip (such as talc, chalk, dust, or dirt) and medical items (such as knee or ankle braces) are allowed.


Per PDGA Manufacturer Guidelines and Technical Standards:

“Mini Marker discs must have a circular shape, with a diameter ranging from 7cm to 15cm and a height not exceeding 3cm. Mini marker discs can be made from a variety of materials (e.g. plastic, metal, wood).”


How is DG Max Wax Different than skate wax, surf wax, etc.

To be fair DG Max Wax was originally inspired by surf wax.

However, this wax recipe was developed over a LONG period of trial and error (over a year). I did testing with many different wax types, and other ingredients, and so I will keep the recipe proprietary.

However, I can tell you that no other similar grip wax product for other sports uses natural beeswax as a base like I do (It's too expensive for large companies to be interested in doing).


Will DG Max Wax melt in my bag?

Nope, I've done extensive testing.

If you think about it, it makes sense. You don't see beeswax dripping out of beehives in the middle of summer, they couldn't survive if it did. That's because the melting point of beeswax is 144 - 147°F.

During my testing, DG Max Wax was left outside in direct sunlight on a metal table for 90 minutes. The outdoor temp was 93°F, but the wax reached a surface temperature of 127°F thanks to the UV Rays. It did not melt, it got more pliable, but maintained it's original shape.

My recommendation... Don't worry about it too much, just leave it in the wax paper bag it comes in if you're going to leave it in your car. Just in case.


If I use DG Max Wax as a Mini Marker, won’t it get all dirty?

Yea it will, and for that reason some people may choose to use it only as a grip enhancer that’s conveniently shaped like a mini and will fit in a mini pocket.

That said, it’s not too hard to just scrape off any grass, dirt, or debris from the surface with your fingernail, that’s what I do.


Does DG Max Wax work well in the rain or if I'm sweaty?


I do typically still use a towel to try my hands before applying just because it’s even better when dry.

That said, it still grips REALLY well when wet. If you consider that it’s inspired by surf wax, it makes a lot of sense.