About Us

About Us... & DG Max Wax

We are Josh & Brittany Ozuna.

Married for 2.5 years, & 1st baby due in Nov 2021... You could say we're an average young family.

Born and raised in Illinois (J-Peoria & B-Naperville) we met and started dating in our early 20s. Josh was big into the Disc Golf scene in Peoria. (Shoutout to Peoria Frisbee Club)

Moved to Philadelphia PA together in Feb 2017 for Josh's work. Made a lot of friends in the disc golf scene in the tri-state area. (Shoutout to the Stafford Woods Woodpeckers & The Friends of Sedgley Woods)

On Jun 30th, 2018 Josh came up with the first inklings of what would be come DG Max Wax, on the beach in Atlantic City NJ after purchasing a skim board and being up-sold some surf-wax

By The end of 2018 the idea was fully formed to what it is today... but buried... as a blerb, in an "ideas" folder in Apple Notes.

April 6th 2019, we officially tied the knot!

Moved to Houston TX & bought our first house in Sept 2020 for Josh's work again. Made more disc golf friends. (Shoutout to Houston Disc Golf)

Shortly after moving to Houston, Josh began working on developing the perfect wax recipe that provides EXCELLENT grip, doesn't melt under normal outdoor temps, & looks/smells amazing. It took several months, but he found it.

He took a couple more months to come up with & design a logo he loved, and thought others would love.

He got stuck... and was too stubborn to ask for help with the 3D modeling process for WAY longer than he cares to admit here.

August 31st 2021, Josh had finally had enough and reached out to a college student on Fiverr who was interested in 3D modeling and had him help him finish the design.

Sept 1st 2021 (ONE DAY LATER!) Paul McBeth dropped his "Most Controversial" video about using various "sticky" products on your hands for disc golf.

Sept 14th 2021, Josh began manufacture of of DG Max Wax

Sept 21st 2021, Josh began selling in person at local disc golf leagues

Sept 26th 2021, Josh Launched the DGMaxWax.com website to begin selling online